I run my business very flexibly and part time around my job and 2 small children. Having Sarah's support as my business mentor and friend on our journey is invaluable. Sarah's positive outlook is infectious and her dedication and motivation is truly inspiring and certainly got me off my seat!

Sarah's energy and passion are second to none, there is always a smile. Her knowledge and drive have helped me and the team step into our adventure zones with ease, giving me the confidence to keep growing my business for which I am very grateful.

Clare Rhodes

Niki Matyjasik

I have known & worked with Sarah for a number of years.I throughly enjoy working with Sarah & love her approach to our team development & also on how she works on an individual level. She truly is a superb business coach, mentor & leader. Taking her team to the next level successfully by giving them the right tracks to run on.

Her passion shines through by helping others & the team successes clearly demonstrate that. Personally I have been able to strive forward with both my business & my personal development growth & Sarah has played a huge part in that. Of which I am eternally grateful. She is a massive inspiration to all women. Her level of dedication & commitment in the fitness industry truly is second to none. Not only myself but a number of friends, family & colleagues have moved forward significantly with their health & fitness as a result of Sarah's achievements.She continues to help others with health & fitness through her role as Global FIT ambassador.

I have worked with Sarah for the past five years. In this time she has been an inspiration and incredible coach and mentor. Sarah has boundless energy and is always striving to better herself and help others. Her humour and humility are her most endearing qualities and she always lights up people around her.

I have learnt so much from Sarah and it is always a pleasure spending time with her. Sarah is always forward thinking and actively promotes other leaders within our organisation to ensure her team can become more than they think they can be. Sarah doesn't just push boundaries, she actively smashes them down!"

Jessica Fenwick

Elizabeth Rhodes

Sarah has been my business coach and mentor for a number of years, inspiring me with her leadership, vision and personal growth. Her emphasis on personal development, enables us to become the person within us, the person we would like to be……… in our business, our health and fitness, and in our personal lives."

Working with Sarah is like a whirlwind of fun and energy. The passion and insight she brings to a team is refreshing and she is best placed as a leader in the group as she has the ability to encourage and excite people into making the most of their lives. When you find your passion you do not feel like you're working and Sarah is an example of this with her motivation to look the best and be the strongest she can be."

Nicola Laing