There are so many ways to train when you’re holiday, even when you’re there with no equipment at all except a ‘beach bench’.

This morning we decided to warm up by jogging to the beach and using one of the benches we had seen yesterday to do some simple, but very effective, body weight exercises. These keep your muscles working even when there’s no gym in sight! Honestly, what could be more fun than fitness training on the beach.

Let’s Get Moving!

The picture above shows the exercises we were doing, so in an anti clockwise direction the first one is:

  1. Incline press up – working primarily chest, bringing in arms & core (keep elbows in as much as you can to use triceps or back of arms).
  2. Split squats – working one leg at a time increases the intensity, isolation of muscles as your mind to muscle connection can really focus on specific muscles in that one leg.
  3. Steps ups – excellent for building our glutes or bum muscles & strengthening legs.
  4. Tricep dips – the back of our arms is a problem area for lots of us. This is a fab basic move but it can be made even more challenging by keeping your hands in closer together & your elbows in tighter to your body. The further you take your legs out straight while keeping your bum against the bench the harder it becomes too.
  5. Plank & decline press ups – you can do a straight plank on the bench but we chose to make it harder by doing in a decline position.
  6. Butt ups – amazing if done correctly for our TVA (transverse abdominis lower core muscle that sits across holding your stomach flatter) & other core pelvic muscles.
  7. Box jumps – only do these if you’re confident, as you can seriously injure your shins, especially as we were working on a concrete bench. If you have any doubts stick to step-ups.
  8. Hip thrust – great for glutes & hamstring development, work the bum & back of legs.
  9. Abs crunches – holding onto the side of the bench just makes the basic ab crunch move more challenging.
  10. Ab scissors – again by holding on to the side of the bench it makes this scissor move more challenging. You can do the same move lying on the bench too.

Wherever you are on holiday have a look around for things to use as equipment I’ve used all sorts of things in the past. For example, filling up 5 litre water bottles for heavier weights or you can use smaller bottles for lighter weights. I always bring rubber bands that are light to pack and can be used anywhere. Or just as I’ve show in this photo you can even use bike racks as hurdles!

You don’t even have to be on holiday or by the beautiful ocean to be doing these exercises, they can be done anywhere.  So why don’t you change up your daily routine today, jog out in this gorgeous sunshine to your nearest park & find a ‘park bench’ to try out these exercises.

Do make sure whatever bench or equipment you’re using is ‘safe n secure’ before you stand on it or use it!

If you’re looking to change up your training & want to find more effective ways to grow gorgeous glutes or strengthen your core for a flatter stomach then comment below or contact me to find out more! Exciting stuff coming soon x 😊☀

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