Having just competed in the NABBA West Britain ’Toned figure” and placing 3rd with an invite to NABBA Britain my excitement is ‘through the roof’ & I thought I’d share a snippet of how it all came about.

Challenging Times

My biggest challenge I found this time was trying to do more training than I’d ever done before (sometimes 3 hrs a day) plus feeling tired as I was eating less food.  My prep had to run alongside juggling all my commitments including family, work and cooking and preparing food.

Once in the mode (it didn’t happen instantly) I was completely focused and it’s true that having your head in the right place changes everything – mindset really is eveything! I learnt to let go of hunger; trained my brain to push through it; and realised that we eat more food than we actually need and our body is an amazing machine which can operate with less if you approach it in the right way.

It’s Showtime!

Finally it was here, the day had arrived to drive down to Exeter for the NABBA West Britain Show. It was an awesome feeling having my family and friends coming along to support me.

But first things first, tan time. We headed out super early on the morning to prepare. The slight challenge was that it was pouring with rain and anyone who’s used an instant tan knows that if you get it wet it runs off and you get streak marks galore. All was well though and I was ready.

Just Another Day At The Office

Once at the show there was no time for nervousness.

As my coach put it ‘It’s just another day at the office’ and it actually did feel exactly like that this time, I felt totally ‘chilled n excited’.

I think there were a few reasons why that happened. One is mindset, your thoughts rule your feelings, which rule your actions and I focused on feeling good and telling myself I’ve done everything I could, so just enjoy it. The second thing was my diet and nutrition, which had been so different. This time round I was much more focused on preparing for the actual competition day, with regards to water & carbs, much earlier on, at around a week to 10 days out, so it wasn’t such a shock to my system. Last time it had all happened in the final 2 or 3 days, but this earlier preparation made things much easier.

Lights, Camera, Action

Backstage there was time to get my make-up on, adjust  my hair (hey it was a very rainy day) and touch up any tan issues. I had great support from my ‘trainee glazer’  buddy, who had no idea of her talents before we arrived!

As the Figure category was almost at the end of the show there was quite a long wait during the day. This enabled me to meet and chat with other competitors and hear about their experiences.

Luckily the wait also meant we had enough time to rush out to HMV and pick up the physical cd with my music on it as they were having issues playing recorded cd’s on their equipment.

Crisis averted and even time for my supporters to grab a much needed Costa.

Eventually it was my time…focus…head up…walk the walk……

How good it felt to be up there doing what I had spent months in preparation for, and hearing my children shouting ‘Go mum, go’ above all the clapping and cheering.

The Results Are In

Sarah_Matyjasik_NABBA_WestFinally, the results were about to be announced, the calm before the storm.

And breathe…..

Suddenly I heard my name called, ‘Third place, Sarah Matyjasik’, and a thunderous roar broke out from my great supporters!

I’d done it….all that determination and focus had paid off….. and with it a guaranteed place in the Britain Finals in Southport – I’d achieved my main goal……. for the day!

Now 2 weeks out from the Britain Finals, I’m feeling fab and everything’s on track. I’m leaner and tighter than I’ve ever been before and I’m solely focused on making it my best competition to date! I’m eating around the same as I was for the West Britain and I feel strong, still lifting similar pre comp weights.

I’m really pleased with how things are going and I’ll tell you more about that show when I get back….watch this space.

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