I’m a mum to two young teenagers, wife, fitness & mindset coach & someone who loves a challenge. 

After a busy period of time bringing up our two gorgeous children, I found myself with some time to think about what I really wanted and realised how much I’d missed training in the gym, that fit feeling & the ever-flowing endorphins.

I’ve always had a massive interest in Nutrition and Fitness and decided to head down that path. I qualified as a Personal Fitness Coach and a Nutritional Advisor which has allowed me to help many people with their fitness, nutrition and weight management goals.

This coupled with my experience in habit and mindset coaching has given me the platform to launch my holistic business and fitness coaching services

I believe in Mpowering people and living with congruency - Be True To You.

Being honest with yourself about what really motivates you, made me realise I needed a BIG challenge to aspire to and that's when I decided to compete in my first figure fitness completion. I didn’t stop there, I’ve now competed in many competitions and have some big goals set to achieve next year. I help people not only in goal setting but more importantly in goal achieving.

Whatever your goal is and whether you have even put any in place as yet, I can help you to take the baby steps and put a plan in place to ensure you achieve your success. 

Want to chat about the areas you feel need attention and how I can help you make those important changes to achieve your goals then get in touch here.