If you run your own business or are looking at ways to add additional income to your family budget you may find you often battle a lack of time.

It’s vital therefore to streamline your daily tasks as much as possible, freeing you up to focus on what’s important. These 4 apps will get you started on your path to greater productivity – and even better they are all free.

Google Docs

Google docs are a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of tools. You can create documents, spreadsheets, forms, questionnaires, marketing materials and presentations. Your created documents can also be stored in the cloud in Google drive, which means they are always backed up, plus you can access them from anywhere, even on your tablet or phone. Speak to type is a great feature of Google docs as you can dictate when you are on the move or need to be hands-free.


In this online era we all collect little bits of information from everywhere. Whether it’s a great recipe you see and want to try later; a blog post you want to read again; or even a receipt or memo which is important.

When we are on the run it can be frustrating when information ends up in a hundred different places or can only be accessed from your PC at home. Evernote is the perfect solution. It’s a place to store all this information, plus it syncs between all your devices so all that info you need is accessible wherever you are.


Whether for home or work, it’s important to keep in touch with friends, loved ones and potential and existing clients. However, it can also be really easy to run up large bills while you are doing this if you are using your landline or mobile, especially if people are based in locations around the world.

Skype is the solution. It’s an app which allows voice and video calls; instant messaging; and even screen sharing across a range of devices. All for free. Some people are wary of trying Skype, but once you have it you definitely won’t want to be without it.


Ever feel that time is slipping away from you and yet you have no clue where it actually went? If much of your time is spent online then Toggl can help. It’s a time tracker which can check the websites and apps you are using across all your devices and record the time you spend on them. Plus it can record when you are taking downtime and you can even add in custom tasks, so it becomes easy to see where the bulk of your week is being spent. If knowledge is power, then Toggl can definitely help you take control of your time and in the process increase your productivity.

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